“A good censor must know how to call a pussy by its name”

In the aftermath of confinement, parliamentarians passed two laws to censor representations of bodies and sexualities: the law aimed at combating hateful content on the internet and also aimed at protecting victims of domestic violence.

In the process of drafting these laws, while the big French porn producers were interviewed, sex workers were knowingly ignored.

How has the censorship of pornography been introduced in proposals for laws which are unrelated to the subject? What impact will this censorship have on porn actors and actresses? Can we fear that when parliamentarians do not dare to define exactly what “porn” is, censorship is not limited to the sole field of “porn” but could also impact the arts, demonstrations, sexualities, prevention and sexual health campaigns?

In her speech, Eva Vocz will testify about her experience of the limits of our democracy through this battle for freedom of expression and for the independence of sex workers. This is not just a fight against censorship, but a fight to be heard.

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